Why? Teaching Series | August 7-28 | All Locations

Have you ever done something for so long that you’ve forgotten why you ever started doing it in the first place? Or have you ever heard yourself in conversation say something like, “Well, we’ve just always done it like that.”? I think we all have. We all have patterns or rhythms, traditions, and habits that if we’re honest with ourselves we don’t really know why we do them. Or we’ve lost sight of why we started them. This is equally true of our “Christian living”. For example, when was the last time you thought about why you go to church? Or why we believe in and celebrate baptism or communion? Or why do we pray or serve as a follower of Jesus? The reality is that unless we have clarity and conviction on our “why” then we’re destined to lose our way and veer off course in our practicing the ways of Jesus. Christian living will eventually be reduced to a set of obligatory rules or checklists instead of the means to a flourishing life in Christ. In a cultural climate that is determined to deconstruct all things related to God, we as apprentices of Jesus must aim to get clarity and conviction about our “why”!