Discover What to Expect when you join us at Chapelhill Church!

No matter who you are or where you’ve been,
you’re welcome here.

At Chapelhill Church, you’ll be welcomed into a friendly, casual environment by people who are excited to see you. We want you to have an idea of what to expect when you arrive at a Chapelhill Church location. All you have to do from here is come as you are and find out more for yourself!

Through preaching, worship, and creativity we desire to see Jesus lifted high. Every weekend thousands of believers gather together across multiple locations to bring glory to our God.

Many people don’t know where to begin when visiting a church for the first time, and we understand it can feel overwhelming. We want to make it as simple as possible for you. As soon as you drive on one of our locations you will be greeted by our Parking Lot Team and they will direct you where to go. From there, you and your family will be directed by our Guest Services Team. It’s our goal to make it as easy as possible for you and your family to worship with us in a safe environment.

At a weekend Worship Experience, you can expect:

  • Each service to last approximately an hour and ten minutes.
  • Thought-provoking and engaging messages based on the Bible.
  • Teaching from Lead Pastor Dave Divine or a Chapelhill Location pastor.
  • High-energy worship music.
  • Fun teaching for your kids.

Find your personal next step including:

  • A place to belong. Chapelhill Small Groups are the people you can grow, laugh, and serve with. We have groups for men, women, couples, students, interest groups and more!
  • An opportunity to serve your church and community. God created you with gifts and skills that you can use to change lives in your community and the world. Volunteer at Chapelhill Church to get started.
  • A way to grow. We want to equip you with the tools to develop as a fully devoted follower of Christ. As an individual, family, or part of a Small Group, you can take the next steps to keep learning.

Your family will enjoy:

  • A place just for kids. Each weekend Chapelhill Kids, newborns through 6th graders, learn the truth about who God is and who they are because of Him through age-specific lessons, Small Groups, and trusted adult leadership.
  • A night just for teens. Chapelhill Youth meets weekly at the Douglasville, Bremen & Atlanta locations on Wednesdays at 7 pm and at the Dunwoody location on Sundays at 5pm. If your kids are in 6th-12th grade, then this is the place for them! Loaded with fast-paced worship and interactive activities, it addresses real issues teens face each day.
  • A place for Young Adults. Chapelhill Young Adults exists to build community and relationships among Young Adults ages 18-30 through weekly Small Groups and a powerful Worship Experience on the fourth Sunday of each month!

Take a look inside!

There are people who’ve had powerful experiences with the church in the past.  Those experiences were valuable for a season.  Now, because life has changed, the relevance that church once had in their life somehow became irrelevant.  Somewhere along the way the value of church was diminished and they stopped going to church.  For the people who feel church hasn’t seemed worthy of the time it requires, we ask you to Try Church Again.

We know that in new seasons of your life we always face new challenges.  And, sometimes the challenges of family, kids, career, and many other things become so great that people don’t have anywhere to turn.  We want you to know that you can always turn to God.  So, maybe it’s time to Try Church Again.

There’s also another group of people – the people who’ve been hurt by the church.

It probably didn’t happen all at once, but we do know that it happened. Because if the church had always been what Jesus intended for it to be, then you wouldn’t need to Try Church Again. You’d still be connected to the church.

There is one primary reason we want you to Try Church Again. If the church had lived and loved as Christ intended for us to live and love, it would have fostered such a rich, life-changing, life-giving environment, that no person, or family would have ever wanted to walk away. We believe that you’ll find that at Chapelhill Church. But for the record, we don’t blame you if you’re not currently a part of a local church. Honestly, maybe the church has left you with no choice. We may have done the same thing if we had been in your shoes.

And at the risk of sounding vulnerable, we’re asking, humbly, if you would be willing to let us try to make it right. We’re asking if you would find it in your heart to Try Church Again. Our church. Another church. Any church. We do this knowing that the people who make up the church will never be perfect. But we can ask you, in full confidence, to Try Church Again, because we believe the love of God is perfect.

We believe God is on your side whether or not you decide to ever come to Chapelhill Church. If you choose to come, we’ll be ready and waiting. And who knows, you might find something in church that you didn’t experience the first time around. We think you will. So maybe it’s time…to Try Church Again.