It’s our desire to reach all people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Not only do we focus on multiple Chapelhill Worship Experiences on Sundays, but we have dozens of opportunities to share the love of Christ with people in everyday life.

We fulfill our mission of reaching all people in many ways – small groups, student and kids ministries, local outreach opportunities, music, counseling, leadership training, Chapelhill College and Chapelhill’s elementary school. You’ll see very quickly why reaching people from every walk of life is a vital part of our mission.

We desire to consistently BE the church. The church should not need makeup to be attractive. It doesn’t need anything other than the genuine love of Jesus in the lives of people who have experienced Him. There is no real substitute for being authentically, truly, unmistakably, the “church.”

Being the church takes discipline. But that discipline should never be confined to just creating a flashy presentation or refining a show. We do not hope to merely pretend to be the church just long enough for people to want to join up with us. The discipline that the church should truly have is the discipline of unrelenting love. If we truly love those around us, in our community, in the most sincere way possible, then they will hopefully see Christ in us. Because then, and only then, can we legitimately BE the church we’re called to be.

So, if someone you love, or perhaps someone you haven’t met yet, feels inclined to Try Church Again, we hope to be ready in every sense of the word.  We believe that every chance encounter is not truly left to chance, but is instead planned by a loving God. We pledge to refine our actions. We pledge to renew our love for God and for every single person He crafted in His image. We pledge to embrace with full, open arms every person who God created – no matter their race, background, or social media profile. We pledge to love as we should love. We pledge to live as we should live. We pledge to BE the church, and in doing so, we intend to live out love, acceptance and forgiveness to everyone who walks through our church doors.

And finally, we won’t always get it right, but we hope you will Try Church Again anyway.