“Reaching Lost People is our Priority”

Kingdom Builders GO Trips

At Chapelhill Church, reaching lost people is our priority. We understand that our call to reach lost people isn’t just about our local communities, but extends to the ends of the earth as well. Chapelhill Church is committed to being a church that will go into all the world and preach the good news to everyone. You have the opportunity to experience world missions on a short-term level through Chapelhill Mission Trips.

Mwanza, Tanzania - COMPLETED

We will be working with the local Bible school and its students to provide leadership training.  We will also partner with local churches in the area and participate in outreach events for the community. Additionally, we will help facilitate a medical outreach in underserved communities. Previous medical training not required but certainly a great trip opportunity for anyone with medical experience.

  • February 3-12, 2019
  • Opportunities: Construction, Teaching, Outreach, Prayer, General Serving.
  • Team Leader – Pastor Jamal Baker: Contact info –jamal.baker@chapelhill.cc
  • Price: $2,499

Tirana, Albania - COMPLETED

We will visit several church plants in the Tirana/Durres area and do a combination of evangelistic home visits and church meeting ministry. We will also assist with food distribution to the poor in the area. We will also visit the Kruja Castle and Durres Coliseum.

  • March 17-25, 2019
  • Opportunities: Assisting Church Plants, Evangelism, Food Ministry, General Serving.
  • Team Leader – Andrew Dixon: contact info – andrew.dixon@chapelhill.cc
  • Price: $1,600

Rome, Italy - COMPLETED

We will be partnering with the International Christian Fellowship of Rome in order to help them accomplish their mission of touching Italy and reaching nations. Our team will have the opportunity to participate in outreach events, local church ministry, and service projects. Free time will include touring sites such as the Colosseum, Paul’s prison, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps, and Trevi Fountain.

  • April 22-29, 2019
  • Opportunities: Outreach, Ministry, Serving, Touring
  • Team Leader – Pastor Jonathan Jensen: Contact info – jonathan.jensen@chapelhill.cc
  • Price: $2,250

San Jose, Costa Rica - COMPLETED

We will be working with missionaries serving in the villages outside of San Jose, Costa Rica.  We will serve children and youth in schools doing ministry and outreach.  In addition, we would also love to have people experienced in construction to help local pastors with repairs at the churches that serve the schools. This is a great trip for families.  (The youngest age allowed for this trip is 12).

  • June 15-22, 2019
  • Opportunities: We will serve children and youth in schools doing ministry and outreach
  • Team Leader –Stephanie Holmes: contact info rev.stephaniecholmes@gmail.com
  • Price: $1,600

Lima, Peru - COMPLETED

We are partnering with Missions Me for 1Nation1Day. There will be multiple opportunities offered for this trip such as a soccer missions, a medical missions, and ministry missions. All of these missions experiences will lead us to one big day where teams will gather in 15 different stadiums and arenas all over the country to worship and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Cuenca, Ecuador - COMPLETED

We will travel into the Andes Mountains to Cuenca, Ecuador where we will be partnering with The April Project, a ministry devoted to helping people overcome the addiction of alcoholism. Our activities will include ministering during weekly reconciliation and recovery programs hosting and hosting a VBS night for the children. We will also assist in the opening of a bread shop which will serve as an outreach extension of their ministry within their community.

  • July 5-12, 2019
  • Opportunities: Ministering During Weekly Reconciliation and Recovery Programs, VBS night for Children
  • Team Leader – Matt Shaffer: contact info matt.shaffer@chapelhill.cc
  • Price: approx. $1,700.00

Madrid, Spain - FULL

We‘ll be working at International Media Ministries near Madrid, doing repairs and improvements on their studio facilities. We’ll also have opportunities to assist local missionaries in refugee and outreach ministry. Expertise in construction, painting or tile work would be helpful, along with general ministry experience.

  • September 21-29, 2019
  • Opportunities: Construction, Outreach, General Serving
  • Team Leader – Mark & Shirley Peterson: Contact info – Shirley@blestnest.com
  • Price: approx. $2,200

Chichicastenango, Guatemala

We will be serving widows and orphans through building houses and feeding programs while partnering with a local ministry, Pray America that was started in 2003. There is no prior construction experience needed. This trip is also great for families with children 10 years and older.

  • October 12-17, 2019
  • Opportunities: Construction, Feeding Programs, Evangelism, General Serving
  • Team Leader – Jim Dudley: Contact info- 404-550-7525 jimdudley3@gmail.com
  • Price: approx. $2,400

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The ministry in Ho Chi Minh City is hinged on relationship building. We will be working within the conversation rooms at The Masters Cup Coffee House where local college students come to practice their English. Our team will operate in shifts, while enjoying the coffee house atmosphere and the bustling Ho Chi Minh City. In addition to this, we will also have opportunity to volunteer in an orphanage for outreach ministry through songs and games and partnering with friends to teach children English and support local Bible studies, and discipleship classes.

  • November 1-10, 2019
  • Opportunities: Working with local college students, Orphanage Outreach
  • Team Leader – Pastor Scott Eckard: Contact info – scott.eckard@chapelhill.cc
  • Price: approx. $2,100

Vienna, Austria

  • April 24th – May 2nd 2020
  • Opportunities: Community Outreach, Construction, Kids Ministry
  • Team Leader – Pastor Mike and Michelle Gaddis: Contact info – michelle.gaddis@chapelhill.cc
  • Price: approx. $2,500