“Reaching Lost People is our Priority”

Kingdom Builders GO Trips

At Chapelhill, reaching lost people is our priority. We understand that our call to reach lost people isn’t just about our local communities, but extends to the ends of the earth as well. Chapelhill is committed to being a church that will go into all the world and preach the good news to everyone. You have the opportunity to experience world missions on a short-term level through Chapelhill Mission Trips.

Mwanza, Tanzania

We will be working with the local Bible school and its students to provide leadership training.  We will also partner with local churches in the area and participate in outreach events for the community. Additionally, we will help facilitate a medical outreach in underserved communities. Previous medical training not required but certainly a great trip opportunity for anyone with medical experience.

  • February 3-12, 2019
  • Opportunities: Construction, Teaching, Outreach, Prayer, General Serving.
  • Team Leader – Pastor Jamal Baker: Contact info –jamal.baker@chapelhill.cc
  • Price: $2499

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

In January 2019, our team will be partnering with a local ministry organization in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. As you experience the vibrant culture of Haiti, you could potentially help serve in the following capacities: orphanage care, local ministry outreach, kids and youth ministry opportunities, and evangelism.

  • January 15-21, 2019
  • Opportunities: Orphanage Care, Local Ministry Outreach, Kids and Youth Ministry Opportunities, and Evangelism
  • Team Leader – Jack Roper: contact info –  jack.roper@chapelhill.cc
  • Price: approx. $1400.00

Tirana, Albania

We will visit several church plants in the Tirana/Durres area and do a combination of evangelistic home visits and church meeting ministry. We will also assist with food distribution to the poor in the area. We will also visit the Kruja Castle and Durres Coliseum.

  • March 17-25, 2019
  • Opportunities: Assisting Church Plants, Evangelism, Food Ministry, General Serving.
  • Team Leader – Andrew Dixon: contact info – andrew.dixon@chapelhill.cc
  • Price: $1600

San Jose, Costa Rica

We will be working with missionaries serving in the villages outside of San Jose, Costa Rica.  We will serve children and youth in schools doing ministry and outreach.  In addition, we would also love to have people experienced in construction to help local pastors with repairs at the churches that serve the schools. This is a great trip for families.  (The youngest age allowed for this trip is 12).

  • June 15-22, 2019
  • Opportunities: We will serve children and youth in schools doing ministry and outreach
  • Team Leader –Stephanie Holmes: contact info rev.stephaniecholmes@gmail.com
  • Price: $1600.00

Cuenca, Ecuador

We will travel into the Andes Mountains to Cuenca, Ecuador where we will be partnering with The April Project, a ministry devoted to helping people overcome the addiction of alcoholism. Our activities will include ministering during weekly reconciliation and recovery programs hosting and hosting a VBS night for the children. We will also assist in the opening of a bread shop which will serve as an outreach extension of their ministry within their community.

  • July 5-12, 2019
  • Opportunities: Ministering During Weekly Reconciliation and Recovery Programs, VBS night for Children
  • Team Leader – Matt Shaffer: contact info matt.shaffer@chapelhill.cc
  • Price: approx. $1700.00