OUR PURPOSE is to help students live their purpose. Some will go on to pursue careers in worship or pastoral ministry, while others will go into business, counseling, design and other fields. It’s our desire to provide a Christ-centered environment where students can grow and live their purpose beyond graduation.

OUR PARTNERSHIP with Southeastern University (Lakeland, FL) allows us to host an instructional site on the church campus. Southeastern University offers excellent college education for an affordable price. With regional accreditation, Southeastern University is well established and proud to offer students opportunities to discover their divine design.

“God has created you with a unique design that he wants to unleash in your life to change the world.”

– Dr. Kent Ingle, SEU President

OUR CHURCH is a multisite church with four campuses and thousands of attendees from across the Atlanta area. We exist to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and students get multiple opportunities to serve this mission on a weekly basis. To learn more about The Church at Chapelhill, Click Here.




SOFIA LAFONTANT – SEU Program Director


OUR HOUSING is available at Arbor Place Apartments, only 15 minutes from the Chapelhill Douglasville campus. Located right behind a 24-hour grocery store, this gated complex includes amenities such as a swimming pool, fitness center and car care area. The cost of housing is $4,500 per year and is paid directly to The Church at Chapelhill.

OUR EXPERIENCE goes beyond the classroom. Students participate in weekly chapel services, school activities and special events. We also travel to the Smoky Mountains for a fall retreat, attend SEU Conference in Lakeland, FL and offer a missions trip every year. Our students also have the unique opportunity to gain hands-on ministry experience at The Church at Chapelhill while earning practicum credit toward their degree. We offer the following ministry tracks:

Students in this track will work alongside Chapelhill’s worship staff and volunteers to gain hands-on training in different areas of daily worship ministry, including leadership classes, mentorship opportunities and basic music training. If you’re interested in leading worship or developing your musical gifts, this track is for you!

This track is intended for students called to a career in vocational ministry. Students will receive instruction and mentorship from our pastors and will have the opportunity to learn in the following areas: church ministry, kids’ ministry, missions & outreach and student ministry.

From learning about stage production to becoming skilled communicators, students in this track will work with and learn from field experts as they are challenged to develop creative thinking skills. Students will have access to state-of-the-art technology as they are coached in the areas of sound, lighting, film, design and communications.