There is a Way Forward

In many ways we are all still reeling from the year that was 2020. A year that can only be described as a wilderness that has left us disoriented, confused, frustrated, stuck, depressed, and deeply concerned for the future. It is too early to tell what all of the ripple effects will be, but with increased economic uncertainty, the uptick in loneliness, anxiety, and depression, the added stress of families all working and schooling from home, we know that it has definitely affected us and our relationships.

But the good news is that more is possible! We won’t stay stuck, disoriented, lonely, stressed or depressed! We can and will move from this wilderness season and toward something better! This series will teach us that even in a wilderness season there IS a way forward!

In This Series

Apathy to Empathy

Week Five

The Self-Giving Marriage

Week Four

Out of Loneliness and into Community

Week Three

From Bitterness Toward Forgiveness

Week Two

The Mind of Christ

Week One