Disrupting the Status Quo

We are all being discipled by someone or something. You can be discipled by default and let the world and culture around you be your guide or you can be discipled by design. Being a disciple of Jesus disrupts the status quo; it disrupts our old attitudes and behaviors. Following Jesus is truly disruptive.

In This Series

A Disciple is a Follower

Week Thirteen

A Disciple Cares Shares their Faith

Week Twelve

A Disciple Cares about the World

Week Eleven

A Disciple is Marked by Generosity

Week Ten

A Disciple Puts God First

Week Nine

Reflects the Character of Christ

Week Eight

Pure Love

Week Seven

Authority of Scripture

Week Six

Dr. Mark Merrill

Week Five

Devoted to Community

Week Four

Love Outside the Lines

Week Three

It’s Not Optional

Week Two

Disruptive Discipleship

Week One